Whether cleaning out your garage or managing the contents of your medicine cabinet, it’s easier than ever to keep the environment healthy.  All you need to do is add green habits to your daily routines.

GOODGREENHABITS.com has been helping individuals and families learn how to go green since 2009.  Our hope is that you’ll try some or all of the tips you find at GOODGREENHABITS.com.  We think you’ll discover that most of them are easy to do, keep cash in your coffers, and will help make you feel good about yourself and the planet.  Green practices help to make our planet a better place for everyone—including you, your family, your friends, and the world at large.  What could be better than that?

By the way….we donate 5% of our proceeds to evironmental organizations that offer ways to keep our planet healthy. And…we’re also big on ecouraging responsible consumerism.  Remember to think “GREEN” before you buy!

Janice Wells is the founder of Good Green Habits and the author of Green Wisdom

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