Green Fashion

Whenever you make good eco-fashion choices and purchase from eco-friendly clothing companies, you send a message that you not only care about how you look and feel, but that you also care about the well being of our planet. As a result, you are helping not only yourself, but you are helping the planet stay healthy.

Fortunately, right now it’s easier than ever to make groovy green fashion choices. Since the demand for eco-friendly clothing and accessories is on the rise, the fashion industry now offers a large selection of hip clothing and fun accessories to go with them.

Good Green Eco Fashion Habits
Here are several ways to help you make good green eco-fashion choices:
  1. Make sure that the stuff you buy is made from good quality fabrics and materials so that it will last a long time and buy from eco friendly clothing companies. And, choose classic eco- fashion pieces that won’t go out of style in a nano second and end up in a landfill.
  2. Look for eco-fashion  items made with natural dyes made from roots, nuts and flowers because those pigments are often produced in non-toxic, eco-friendly ways that don’t harm the environment. Natural dye processes do not use heavy metal substances that are dangerous to the health of people and the planet.
  3. Select eco fashion clothing made from organic, natural, recycled or sustainable fibers, including fabrics and materials made from organic cotton, bananas, bamboo, flax, hemp, pineapples, SeaCell, Sasawashi, sisal, ramal, and soybeans. Hybrid fibers that are eco friendly include Tencel and Modal. You can also look for recycled fibers made from soda pop bottles, plastic bags and other second-hand materials.
  4. Purchase repurposed vintage (i.e. previously owned, worn, used) items made from all of the above materials, and also cashmere, leather, silk, and wool. After all, you’re extending the life of these materials by giving them a second chance.
  5. Find items made by fair trade labor made by eco friendly clothing companies. When a product displays a fair trade label, it usually means the eco fashion item item has been produced in ecologically sustainable ways, and it also means the manufacturer has paid local craftsmen decent wages.