Green Solutions

Green Solutions

Green Your Lifestyle

If you’re looking for green solutions to help you live an eco friendly lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find a list of simple green solutions that can become good green habits in no time. And, if you need even more solutions, you can go ahead and use this website’s “search” key.

Here are several green solutions that can help you achieve an eco friendly lifestyle:

Green solutions for toilet paper tubes in the bathroom. Practice paper conservation by recycling toilet paper tubes in the bathroom. Plus, since there always seems to be unwanted paper and wrappers in the bathroom, place a basket just for recyclable paper next to the trash can in your bathroom.

Green solutions for dingy sinks and toxic cleaners in the kitchen. Keep toxic products from poisoning our water ways, your lungs and off of your skin by making your own green cleaning solutions. For a gentle scrub, combine 1/4 cup of baking soda along with 1 tablespoon liquid soap. Then, add just enough white distilled vinegar to create a creamy texture. For particularly tough spots, allow the solution to sit for awhile and then scrub grime off the surface. (Test a small area beforehand.)

Green solutions for toys that run on batteries in the kids’ room. The optimum solution is to avoid buying toys or household items that use batteries in the first place. Since that’s not always an option, purchase rechargeable batteries so that you can at least use them many times. Never put any type of battery in the trash.  Instead, follow your local garbage company’s household hazardous waste guidelines or take them to a designated recycling facility.  Many stores now offer battery recycling services, including Best Buy, CVS Pharmacy, Black & Decker, DeWalt, The Home Depot, Kragen Augo Parts, Interstate All Battery Centers, Lowe’s, Milwaukee Electrical Tool, Office Depot, Orchard Supply, Porter Cable Service Centers, RadioShack, Remington Product Company, Sears, Staples, Target, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, and Walmart.

Wash Your Fruits & Veggies With Vinegar


Many fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticides to get rid of bugs.  Although nobody wants to find a creepy crawly thing in a peach or tomato, according to the Environmental Working Group, even small doses of pesticides can adversely affect your health and are worrisome, not well understood, and in some cases are completely unstudied.

Fortunately, you can drastically reduce your exposure to pesticides and bacteria found on produce with a thorough vinegar and water wash.  Experts found that a white vinegar and water wash kills 98% of bacteria and removes pesticides.

You can concoct your own vinegar/water mixture at home to save money.  You’ll probably spend less than 20 cents  to make a homemade vinegar and water rinse, compared to around $4 for a premade produce wash.  Plus,  you can use the same bottle many times when you make your own wash!

Good Green Habits for Washing Produce

  • Mix 3 parts water to 1 part white vinegar (3:1 ) in a spray bottle.
  • Spray on fruits and veggies to get rid of pesticide residue.
  • Rinse with water after spraying.


  • Fill a bowl with water and add 1/8 to 1/2 cup of vinegar, depending on the size of your bowl.
  • Place your fruits and veggies in the bowl.
  • Soak for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with water.

Note: GGH loves the second version because it’s super easy and quick.
Update:  You can read more about this topic (and get a new recipe!) at Cleaning Fruits and Vegetables: Organic and Conventionally Grown.