Check Your Heater’s Filter

Many of us have noticed it’s starting to get a little chilly in the morning and at night. If you’ve slipped on your sweater and slippers and still think it’s cold, it might be time to turn on your heater. But before you take that step―remember to check the heater’s filter to make sure it’s clean.

Good Green Habits for Heater Filters

Clean heater filters can reduce your energy bill by as much as 15% and increase your furnace’s efficiency and lifespan, so these eco-friendly habits are worth the effort:

  • Check your heater filter for grime buildup before you turn on your heater (or soon after).
  • If filters look dark, dusty or clogged, clean or replace them. 
  • Old-style furnace filters (1-inch thick fiberglass panels) typically must be cleaned or replaced monthly.
  • Newer pleated, electrostatically-charged filters can last up to three months.

Disposal Suggestions: Contact manufacturers to ask about recycling old filters. As a last resort, place unusable filters in your garbage cart or bin.

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