Christmas Tree Recycling

It’s estimated that Americans purchase nearly 30 million Christmas trees each year. Yes, trees do add a delicious fragrance and seasonal sparkle to your living room. However, if discarded in landfills after the holiday blitz, they also add needless waste to our planet’s growing mountains of trash. And, trees can’t even decompose in landfills because landfills don’t offer up enough oxygen. Gasp…what’s a tree to do?

Good Green Habits for Christmas Trees

Luckily, you can take one of the following eco steps to make sure your Christmas tree gets recycled into soil-enriching mulch─and keep it from clogging your local landfill.

  • Use your garbage company’s Christmas tree recycling program─call them for a pickup schedule and details.
  • Cut your tree into pieces and place in the green waste cart supplied by your garbage company for pickup on any service day. 
  • Visit to find a nearby recycling location.
  • Contact city or county offices to ask about tree recycling events offered in your community.

ECO IDEA:  Consider investing in a LIVING Christmas tree next year!

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