Garbage Company Doesn’t Pickup Your Recyclables?

Cities and garbage companies throughout the world offer different types of recycling and garbage pickup services to their customers.  Some don’t pick up recyclables at all. If your city or garbage company doesn’t provide a curbside pickup program for recyclable items like paper, glass, yard clippings and food waste, with a little ingenuity, you can still be your best green self.

Give Recyclables a Second Life

You can keep recyclable items out of the landfill with these steps:

  • Visit or call 1-800-CLEAN-UP to find nearby recycling facilities for your unwanted paper, metal, hazardous, plastic, glass, electronics, automotive, household, garden and construction materials.
  • Check out  USEPA to learn how to easily compost organic waste such as fallen leaves, food and other organic waste at home.

GREEN TIP: If you’re unsure what kinds of recyclables and trash your garbage company accepts, call or email them to request a service brochure or an online FAQ link and then post the info on your refrigerator. They may have services you don’t know about that could help you become a better recycler!

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