Green Shopping Habits

Many stores offer money-saving deals on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) to boost their bottom line and kick-off the holiday season. You can enjoy the savings and feel great about keeping the planet healthy by greening your shopping trip.

Good Green Habits for Shopping

Adopt these eco-friendly shopping and lifestyle habits:

  • Bring your reusable bags since they often hold more stuff and have comfortable handles.
  • Patronize local stores to save gas and support local merchants
  • Shop online to save even more gas—but expect the best deals on Cyber Monday.
  • Purchase items that don’t require a lot of extra packaging and are made from recycled or eco-friendly materials (such as organic cotton and hemp).
  • Skip drive-through fast food at lunchtime to keep your idling car from polluting the air.
  • Use your own refillable travel cup for on-the-go beverages.

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