How To Be Green Easily

The good news is that anybody can easily learn how to be green. After all, making eco friendly choices isn’t really an all or nothing proposition. If you forgot to recycle your soda can the other day, that’s okay. The beat goes on. Just make your best effort most of the time and forget the rest.

These days there are literally thousands of actions you can take to be green. From the products you purchase at the store to the green habits you practice at home and at work, each day brings a new chance to live a green lifestyle.

Would You Like to Know How To Be Green

Have you ever asked yourself how to be green?  If so, here are seven ways to help you get started!

  1. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Before you buy something new, ask yourself if you really need it. You may already own a similar item that can be cleaned up, dressed up, or fixed up. If you must buy new, make sure it is made well, is designed to last a long time, doesn’t use a lot of packaging, contains no or fewer chemicals, and uses as little energy as possible.
  2. Green Your Transportation. As always, the greenest forms of getting from point A to point B are walking, car pooling, biking, and public transpiration. But, if you need a new car, consider purchasing a hybrid. Not in your budget? Buy a conventional car that gets good gas mileage, or even better, tune up your old car.
  3. Green Your Wardrobe. Revamp old clothes with a new look by taking them to a tailor or by altering them yourself. Turn long pants into capris or shorts, make a long sleeved tee into a sleeveless tee, or add accessories like buttons, belts, tassels and other types of trim to change the style. Donate unwanted clothing to friends, family or charitable organizations so it can be worn by someone else.
  4. Plan Green Events. You can green up all your special celebrations, like birthdays, graduations, wedding and holidays. All you need to do is make choices that produce less trash and consume fewer natural resources, such as avoiding disposable plastic and paper products like paper plates and plastics cups and utensils. Instead, try for options such as using your own ceramic plates, silverware, and glasses. Or, rent party gear from a party store, borrow stuff from friends, or purchase items on-the-cheap from thrift stores or at garage sales.
  5. Plant A Garden. Use a portion of your front or back yard to grow vegetables and herbs. If you don’t have a yard, grow vegetables and herbs in pots on your balcony, patio or in a sunny window. Not only is growing your own food good for the environment, but home-grown veggies taste delicious.
  6. Use Less Water. Whenever possible, remember to use less water. For example, don’t over water your garden or lawn. Remember to turn off the water when brushing your teeth and don’t take overly long showers either. And, don’t leave the water running when when cleaning your bathroom and kitchen.

If you know anybody that would like to know how to be green, by all means, send them to Good Green Habits!

Flowers in the forest.

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