Plastic Credit Cards Live On

Ten billion plastic cards (ATM cards, credit cards, video-store cards, drivers’ licenses, library cards, plastic gift cards, etc.) are placed in circulation each year. As they expire or are spent, the unwanted plastic cards usually end up in the trash, since they aren’t accepted in most recycling programs. As a result, about 100 million pounds of PVC plastic (polyvinyl chloride, a toxic substance) from plastic cards land in America’s waste stream each year. You can help reduce the amount of PVC in landfills with these steps: 

  • Sell, buy or trade unwanted but usable gift cards at—CardAvenuePlasticJungle, or SwapaGift.
  • Request your favorite stores and banks make their cards from earth-friendly recycled PVC—supplied by Earthworks Systems.  
  • Ask stores to reuse or recycle spent or expired gift cards—instead of tossing them into the trash.

Eco-fact: Stores can contact Earthworks Systems to inquire about recycling their used, expired, unwanted and leftover plastic cards—and making new ones from recycled plastic!

Take the Pledge―Do your best to recycle, reduce waste, reuse, and compost!

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