Leonardo DiCaprio: Don’t Take This Planet for Granted

Leonardo DiCaprio: Don't Take This Planet for Granted

Actor and celebrity environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for his starring role in “The Revenant” during the 88th Academy Awards ceremony on February 28, 2016.

DiCaprio is passionate about taking steps to stop global warming and save the earth. He has been a longtime advocate for practicing good green habits.

In his acceptance speech, he spoke about climate change and the planet. The Academy’s orchestra did not silence his somewhat long and heartfelt speech with music. It was amazing.

Among other things, he said:

  • Climate change “is the most urgent threat facing our entire species.”
  • Global warming is real.
  • We can work together to fix it.
  • He says, “Let us not take this planet for granted.”

Get inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio!

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