Microwaving Food in Plastic? No Way!

Store food in glass containers

Choose Glass!


Care for a little plastic with your leftover pasta? Probably not, but you may be getting it.

Foods placed in plastic wrap or plastic containers―and then heated in a microwave oven―can end up containing harmful chemicals leached from plastics. Many of the chemicals in plastic have been classified as toxic and unsafe for consumption.

And, plastic containers labeled “microwave safe” or “microwavable” are no better since they can also potentially leach harmful chemicals when heated. The safety labels just mean that the plastic container shouldn’t melt, crack or fall apart when used in microwave ovens―the labels are not related to your health. They simply let you know that the containers can withstand heat. Chemicals from microwave-safe containers can migrate into your food.

So, is it safe to microwave food in plastic? Well, no it is not.  Plastic-laced food is probably not what you had in mind when you sat down for a nice, hot meal.

Good Green Habits for Microwaving

Since all plastics potentially leach chemicals into food, water and soil under certain conditions, follow these eco-friendly steps:

  • Microwave food in ovenproof glass or ceramic.
  • Never allow plastic or plastic wrap to touch heated food.

ECO FACT:  Staff at Good Green Habits like to store all food in glass or ceramics, whether it’s hot or cold.  We definitely prefer our pasta without plastic. How about you>

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