No Waste Lunch

Healthy lunch box ideas are designed to make your  the mid-day meal you make at home both taste better and hat create less trash or no trash at all.  Whenever you make a no waste lunch, you save money, preserve natural resources and keep trash out of landfills.

Prepackaged lunches for kids can cost about $4.02 a day compared to $2.65 a day for a waste free lunch—a savings of about $250 per year. These types of healthy lunch ideas can save adults even more!

When a take-out meal costs $6 compared to $3.50 for a home-packed lunch—an adult can save about $100,000 over a 30-year career by packing lunch from home. Plus, whenever you create no waste lunch that creates less waste, you reduce the need for disposal, save energy, prevent pollution and conserve natural resources such as coal, oil, natural gas and trees.

Easy To Do Healthy Lunch Box Ideas 

  1. Pack only what you can eat in one sitting.
  2. Store sandwiches and snacks in reusable containers or wax paper.
  3. Provide whole fruits and vegetables without packaging.
  4. Offer beverages in stainless steel containers.
  5. Use a thermos for hot and cold foods, like soup and yogurt.
  6. Keep food cold with a reusable ice pack.
  7. Purchase bulk food rather than individually packaged items.
  8. Use stainless steel or bamboo utensils.
  9. Avoid individually wrapped snacks, plastic wrap/baggies, and disposable napkins, forks, spoons and straws.
  10. Carry lunches in reusable bags or totes. Today’s eco-friendly choices are found at places such as Kids Konserve Lunches and Eco Lunchbox.



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