Recharging Your Good Green Self

A few of our friends and readers have reported that they find “going green” is a difficult idea to wrap their minds around on a daily basis. Even though we are bonafide green cheerleaders, Good Green Habits understands this feeling completely.

There are days when you just don’t want to make the extra effort. You want a plastic bottled water and you don’t want to feel guilty about buying it. Well, if somebody hasn’t already said this to you, allow us to be the first. It’s OK to have off eco days. When it comes to taking eco steps, big or small, the important thing is to do the best you can do─whatever that means to you. We’d rather help you stay on the green path sometimes than to have you give up completely.  That’s how much faith we have in you.

Good Green Habits for Eco Inspiration

Take one or all of these actions if you find you’re having a bad green day:

  • Just do the best you can do today.
  • Go greener tomorrow.
  • Step outside and appreciate the Earth’s beauty─this will make you want to do more.
  • Take baby-steps until you’re recharged─turn off the water when brushing your teeth, recycle newspapers─anything you do helps.

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