Reusable Bag Savings Add Up

Reusable Bag Savings Add UpMany businesses have learned that they can earn community respect and help their customers save money when they take steps to keep the planet healthy. All it takes is a little eco ingenuity and shopper participation.

For example, in California, customers now need to either bring their own bags or pay for a store supplied bag at about 10 cents each.

To combat the problem of forgotten reusable bags, many stores have begun to offer attractive bags, which sometimes show the store’s name on it, for about $1 or $2. Because you can use them multiple times, it doesn’t take long to recoup the expenditure. Stores are proud to sell them, and buyers are proud to carry them.

Transporting Your Treasures

You can help keep plastic bags from littering streets, waterways and out of landfills by using reusable bags at all stores whenever you shop.

However, should you forget to bring your bags, consider buying a new bag from the store and packing your new reusable bag tightly for this one outing. That way you won’t have to buy too many bags.

Depending on the cost of your bag, you should be able to recoup the cost of buying the bag by using each bag after about 4 to 8 times.

After you get home and have unpacked your purchase, immediately place your empty reusable bags by the front door.  That way you’ll remember to take them to your car for your next shopping trip.

Don’t Need a New Reusable Bag? Use The Reusable Bag As A Gift Bag!

If you really don’t need the bag, you can use it as gift wrapping for your presents at Christmas, for birthdays, or any other time you are giving a present to your family and friends!  A reusable bag is much better for gift wrapping when compared to disposable paper gift wrapping, since torn paper usually just ends up in the landfill.

When you give a gift in a reusable gift bag, the reusable bag is not only practical since the handles are usually stronger than plastic or paper shopping bags, but they are oftentimes colorful and look better than typical gift wrapping.  Plus, since these days since gift wrapping is very expensive, it also may save you a bit of money to use reusable bags for wrapping your gifts.


2 comments to Reusable Bag Savings Add Up

  • Beverly Franco

    Since CVS has now stopped selling cigarettes, I would also suggest that the next step would be finding a local/state/U.S. manufacturer that makes reusable bags instead of paying huge amounts of money to ship from China.
    All the containers ships that transport many types of goods, have some resting on the bottom of the ocean, which also pollutes.
    A responsible company does what it takes to be efficient and very conscious of the environmental impacts that their products create, from manufacturing, shipping, delivery and selling to the citizens.
    I would think that would reduce your bottom line and create more profit. You think?

  • Good Green Habits

    I agree with you 100%

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