Reusing Magazines

How to Recycle MagazinesSometimes people ask the questions:  Are magazines recyclable?  And, why should I recycle them?  You will be glad to know that, yes, you can easily recycle magazines. The reason why you should recycle magazines is easy to answer.

The Earth’s natural resources (like trees and water) are conserved whenever products and materials are used more than once. When you learn how to recycle magazines correctly, you give them a chance for a longer life by allowing others to read them before they’re recycled into new paper products.

Good Green Habits for Magazines

You can extend the life of your old magazines with these eco-friendly options:

  • Donate magazines to hospitals, nursing homes and senior centers.
  • Leave them in your work lunch room for co-workers.
  • Share with extended family and friends.
  • Sell or give away at yard sales or flea markets.
  • Take to dentist or doctor’s offices, gyms, homeless shelters, or stores with waiting rooms.
  • Use as art material for school projects.
  • Wad up or shred to use as filler for shipping boxes.

Eco Tip: Read your magazines online to save trees and money! Go here for Steps to Stop Junk Mail!

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