Ecofriendly Habits Save Money

Good Green Habits has noticed that the eco band has played on in spite of the economic downturn. In fact, many individuals and businesses are saving money and keeping the planet healthy by practicing these green habits:

  1. Contact your local energy company for a free energy assessment to help you target high energy consuming appliances.
  2. Switch off electrical appliances at the power point when not in use. Standby power (also called vampire power) accounts for about 4 percent of the average home’s energy use.
  3. Turn your thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter. Turning it up or down by just 1°C can save up to 10 percent on your energy bill.
  4. Use pot lids when cooking foods to reduce the amount of energy required during the cooking process.
  5. Keep drinking water in the refrigerator instead of letting the tap water run for a few moments as you wait for the water to become cold.
  6. Allow laundry to dry on a clothesline rather than using a dryer. (Remove wrinkles and soften clothesline dried laundry by placing wrinkled or stiff items in a dryer for about five minutes or until warm.)

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