Ted Turner’s Inspiring Good Green Habits

What will it take to make people begin living in a green way?  Usually a green lifestyle is inspired by love and respect for the environment, humanity, and all other living creatures. Clearly, entrepreneur Ted Turner has been inspired by all of those things for a very long time.  So, in early 2012 during Oprah’s MasterClass on the OWN channel, Ted Turner introduced what he calls “voluntary initiatives.”  He believes that instead of making laws that divide the public, individuals, families and businesses, we can make the world a better place by making good green habits a part of our daily life and a part of our big picture. Without a doubt, we think he’s right. Adopt the following green habits to keep people and all living things on our planet safe and healthy.Half Dome at Sunset

Ted Turner’s Inspiring Voluntary Initiatives (Good Green Habits)
  1. I promise to care for Planet Earth and all living things thereon, especially my fellow human beings.
  2. I promise to treat all persons everywhere with dignity, respect, and friendliness.
  3. I promise to have no more than one or two children.
  4. I promise to use my best efforts to help save what is left of our natural world in its undisturbed state, and to restore degraded areas.
  5. I promise to use as little of  our nonrenewable resources as possible.
  6. I promise to minimize my use  of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and other poisons, and to encourage others to do the same.
  7. I promise to contribute to those less fortunate, to help them become self-sufficient and to enjoy the benefits of a decent life including clean air and water, adequate food, health care, housing, education, and individual rights.
  8. I reject the use of force, in particular military force, and I support the United Nations arbitration of  international disputes.
  9. I support the total elimination of all nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, and ultimately the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction.
  10. I support the United Nations and its efforts to improve the condition of the planet.

What are you doing to help the planet and yourself stay healthy?

2 comments to Ted Turner’s Inspiring Good Green Habits

  • V Carlson

    This is all sweet and nice but we DO need laws but not by the elite that have special interests. It’s imperative because there are so many people who are not
    in the least bit interested in saving the earth, the future,
    or the biodiversity of the planet. Grass roots is great. It’s amazing and it does amazing things. But law is also imperative as we have reached a crisis point in many circumstances.

  • greenstrings

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! They are much appreciated.

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