Telecommute to Work

Working from home has personal perks. Whenever you telecommute to your job, you save natural resources and money by purchasing fewer work clothes, eating at home and keeping your car in the driveway. Plus, you might even catch a few more zzz’s in the morning—which can make you more productive on the job (i.e. promotable). However, if you need to convince your boss that telecommuting keeps the environment healthy, solid statistics can come in handy.

Reasons to Telecommute

Here are average American, per-person gas/air-emission statistics that may help you build a case for eco-friendly telecommuting:

1 to 2 gallons—amount of gas used to travel to work each day

25.3 pounds—amount of toxic air emissions (carbon dioxide) released per gallon of gas

6,578 to 13,156 pounds— toxic air emissions avoided by telecommuting per year

*Numbers will vary depending on your vehicle’s gas mileage and length of commute.

Good Green Habit for Cars

  • Telecommute to work whenever possible. Even one day a week can save hundreds of gallons of gas and other natural resources each year. 

Eco Idea: Tell office big wigs that telecommuting is a green habit that will make their organization shine in the public’s eyes. Most consumers LOVE and/or respect green companies.

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