The Dirt On Cleaning Without Chemicals

Clean without chemicals!

Have you ever cleaned your kitchen or bathroom using a spray bottle of a popular cleaner only to find that although your home is clean, afterwards you had a headache? Then, a few days later, your hands were dry to the point of cracking or peeling? We all know now that chemicals can play havoc with our brains, bodies, and environment.  So, if you haven’t already taken steps to switch from chemical laden cleaners to natural or organic cleaners, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. Cleaning without chemicals is good for you and the environment!

Cleaning With Clean Products

These days people talk a lot about “eating clean.” They do not want to eat foods that contain harmful chemicals and ingredients.  Well, the same principle applies to cleaning products.  It’s a good idea to “clean with clean products.”  With very little effort, you can start using cleaners that don’t contain toxic chemicals.

Think Clean and Green

Unfortunately, many cleaning products on store shelves contain toxic chemicalsand some of these toxic chemicals are even considered safe. However, these chemicals can have negative effects on your body and health over time because they increase your overall toxic burden.

Why not do your body and the environment a favor by either phasing them out of your cleaning habits as soon as possible or stop using them right now.  Read further for green tips to get rid of cleaners with chemicals.

Good Green Habits for Cleaning Without Chemicals

  • Read labels on cleaners in your cupboards.

      If the ingredient list is full of long, unpronounceable chemicals, pesticides and preservatives, it’s probably filled with ingredients that can harm you and your family.

  • Get rid of cleaners with harsh chemicals.

    Call your local garbage department to find out how to properly get rid of full containers of products with toxic chemicals. Or, toss empty bottles, boxes and containers in the trash or recycle bin as you run out of them.

  • Find organic or natural alternatives in stores. 

    Look for cleaning products made with natural ingredients like borax, citrus or castile soap.

  • Make your own cleaners.

    Search online for homemade cleaning product recipes or find books that contain do-it-yourself recipes.  Common household ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and essential oils (sometimes mixed with water and sometimes undiluted) can be combined in various combinations to make cleaners for even the toughest jobs without adding toxic chemicals to your home and environment. For example, baking-soda-and-water paste can make stains vanish and a vinegar-and-water spray will make your glass sparkle.

How do you clean without using chemicals?

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